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Supreme Combo | Fib Matrix TimeLanes Set Ups

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Fib Matrix Timelanes | The Supreme Combo

The Fib Matrix TimeLanes offer a multitude of trading possibilities right through the trading day. A relatively new set up that has been developed is the Supreme Combo. It is a trade which combines key levels across the 1 min, 5 min and 15 min time frames and as a result has a very high trading success rate. This trade usually develops from a breakout of a tight range. As price retraces from the move the 1 min L7, 5 min L3 and the 15 min L1 box fall into a line as the same price point (you can allow up to 5 pip range for the set up still to be valid). The trade is taken when price reaches the Supreme Combo level and the target can either be the 1 min boxes or a set number of pips.

Live Trade Examples of Supreme Combos

You will see below that we have broughy together a series of live trade examples of the Supreme Combo set up being taken.

GBPUSD +7 2016-06-01 | Supreme Combo Trade

This is a supreme combo trade (multi time frame resistance). The 1 min R7, the 5 min R3 and the 15 min R1 are all in alignment as price tests the level. The One minute boxes are more than 12 pips below, indicating a sharp retrace from the move down. The trade worked out quickly giving a nice +7 pips.

Forex Price Action | GBPUSD +8 2016-05-26

This is a textbook Supreme Combo trade. Price has broken out to the upside and retraced back to the Supreme Combo level. This is circled in red and you will see that the 1 min S7, the 5 min S3 and the 15 min S1 are all within a couple of pips of each other and there is a gap of 10 pips back to the 1 min boxes. The trade is taken long at this level and produces a quick +8 pips

Forex Price Action | GBPUSD +6 pips 2016-02-29

Cable has moved up in early London trading to make a session high before retracing back to a block of support on the 5 min, 15 min and 1HR time frames with the 1 minute boxes over 15 pips away and the white zone had shrunk. The pattern shows the 1 min, boxes leading the 5 min boxes indicating the trend long is still strong. The trade produced +6 pips.

Forex Price Action | EURAUD +6 pips 2016-03-02

EUR/AUD moved up sharply shortly after New York open making new highs before retracing back to major multi time frame term support on the 1 min (L7), 5 min (L3) and the 15 min (L1) (Supreme Combo Level ). In addition the 1 min boxes led the 5 min boxes indicating a strong trend up remained with a 20 pip gap from price back to the 1 min boxes.


Fib Matrix Timelanes | Trading Extended Reversals

The Fib Matrix TimeLanes provide a wealth of trading opportunities throughout the trading day. One of the trades with the highest probability of success is the extended reversal trade. This trade set up produces a distinct pattern amongst the boxes on the individual time frames. If you look at the Fib Matrix you will notice that they align into a check mark (tick) shaped formation, with the point of the check mark being the lowest 5 min box (highest if the trade is a short). The trade is taken at a a support level below this box (above if it is a short trade), the level dependent upon the price action at the time.

Live Trade Examples of Extended Reversals

Below we have gathered together a series of live trade examples of this trade set up being executed. Pay attention to the position of the boxes and the pattern formed on the Fib Matrix.

GBPUSD +9 pips 2016-05-05 | Extended Reversal

This a nice example of an extended reversal on GBPUSD. This set up happens when a pair has been trending in one direction makes a new short term high or low and then retraces. As often happens the market often tries to retest the level. This creates the check mark pattern with the boxes. We look to take the 1 or 5 min level beyond the lowest 5 min box. This trade worked out very well producing a net +10 pips.

Forex Price Action | EURAUD +9 pips 2016-04-27

After a move up, EUR/AUD has broken to the short side. The grid pattern shows an extended reversal pattern, where the 1 min boxes are above the the lowest 5 min box (see red arrow) creating a checkmark pattern for the arrangement of the boxes. The trade initially goes against us but there is the opportunity to add at the the two column support on the 5 and 15min time frames. The add allows us to closed out our initial entry when it gets back to break even then take half at +7 and the balance at +11 giving us a net +9,

Forex Price Action | EURJPY +6 pips 2016-04-13

EURJPY is in a massively extended reversal the 5 min time frame. You can see the move has been quick because the 1 min boxes haven’t moved past the 5 min boxes yet price is over 40 pips away from the lead 5 min box.This is unusual and is largely because EURJPY had been pulled sharply higher by EURUSD. As always, when trading a cross pair it is important to check the parental pairs. In this case Euro has moved substantially away from its 1 min boxes and is now at resistance with EURJPY in a extended reversal pattern a short on EURJPY is taken which yields a quick +6 pips

Forex Price Action | EURAUD +6 pips 2016-04-05

EUR/AUD is just in an extended reversal setup. You can see this in the way the 1 min boxes are below the lead 5 min box and price is at a resistance level on the 1 min time frame.. Generally you would like to see a larger gap between the 1 min boxes and the lead 5 min box so the trade was taken with some caution in mind. +6 pips

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