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Fib Matrix Forex Scalping Strategies | 2016-07-07 GBPJPY +6

Fib Matrix Forex Scalping Strategies | 2016-07-07 GBPJPY +6

GBPJPY +6 2016-07-07 | Orange 2 White (Using GBPUSD)

This is a GBPJPY trade using GBPUSD. If you have followed these scalping trades over the last year you will understand the importance of the relationships between each pair. Here we are shorting GBPJPY but are using GBPUSD as our entry guide. As you will see GBPJPY has moved up so sharply that the 1 min boxes are not in view.We are not at any specific resistance on the pair although the 1 min lanes show darker shades of orange indicating overbought state. If you look at the GBPUSD TimeLanes though you will see that it is in a classic extended reversal pattern. Kash used the GBPUSD as his que and made a quick 6 pips on Cable.

You can find more details about using forex price action to scalp using the Fib Matrix TimeLanes trading software, here

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