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Fib Matrix Forex Strategies | 2016-06-29 EURUSD +6

Fib Matrix Forex Strategies | 2016-06-29 EURUSD +6

EURUSD +6 2016-06-29 | 1 min Trend Trade

This is a 1 min trend trade. In addition it is a good example of the step pattern that the boxes make when a good trend has formed. In this trade Kash has decided to take the entry at the 1 min boxes allowing himself room to add if necessary at the 5 min boxes. Picking the perfect place to take the trade depends a lot on “price action” here it has been strong hence the 1 min entry. Ideally the 5 min entries provide the highest probability of success. Of course if you wait for that you might not get your entry so you have to make a decision based on the prevailing market conditions.

You can find more details about using forex price action to scalp using the Fib Matrix TimeLanes trading software, here

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