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Fib Matrix Forex Strategies | 2016-07-04 GBPUSD +8

Fib Matrix Forex Strategies | 2016-07-04 GBPUSD +8

GBPUSD +8 2016-07-04 | Orange 2 White (Using EURGBP)

This Cable trade is an orange to white but is actually based on the EURGBP pair. During the London session the EURGBP can have considerable bearing on the direction of both Euro and Cable. Here, EURGBP was moving up sharply and GBPUSD was moving down. As EURGBP was driving the market, instead of waiting for GBPUSD to reach its level, the trade was taken when EURGBP hit resistance.

You can find more details about using forex price action to scalp using the Fib Matrix TimeLanes trading software, here

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