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Forex Signal Service: Alerts In Three Different Ways

The Forex signal service that we provide accompanies our  live forex trading room. The signals are generated in  in a number of different ways to enable you to get the best out of the service. We are always looking for ways to add and improve our delivery methods.

Signals from the live forex trade room

The first kind and main kind of forex signal generated is through the analysis and live calls of the professional traders who moderate the room. These signals that are generated twenty four hours a day throughout the trading week. They are based on the Tiger TimeLanes indicator. The TimeLanes are coded to give specific trade indications for multiple trading set ups. All the set ups have a good success rate but in trading, for any set up or system, market conditions play an important part. Thus, the signals given by the TimeLanes are assessed and based on probability with only those with the highest probability of success passed on into the Trade Room. We currently have a success rate of over 80%. This process ensures the members have the maximum amount of success with the lowest amount of risk.

Most of the trades called directly in the trade room are short term scalping trades. These are trades in which you are in the market for only very short periods of time. During the course of the day there are likely to be anything from 10 to 20 trade calls. 

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Second Forex Signal Type: SMS Delivery and WhatsApp

The second way our Forex signal service works is through SMS delivery. It is not always possible for people to be constantly monitoring the trade room. However it is important that they don’t miss out. Therefore on longer term trades we send out SMS messages for trade entry, the moving of stops and limits whilst in the trade and finally trade exits.

As mention these trades tend to be swing trades or day trades. This should allow everyone the opportunity to get into the trade at a decent level. Trades can last from an hour to several days.

In addition we can now deliver the forex signals from both the room and the automated trading system vis WhatsApp. On joining just pass your cell number to admin and he will set you up. This require the WhtsApp app to be installed on your cell phone if it is not already. It is available on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. You can also receive the WhatsApp signals directly on your PC through a Chrome extension. If you are unsure how to do this ask admin and he will walk you through the process.

Third Forex Signal Type: FireFly Trading Robot

Forex Signal Service

The third way is through via our FireFly trading robot. This robot is set to take a specific type of breakout trade. The fx signals are delivered directly to your MT4 trading account where you can choose to automatically accept them or pick and chose the signals that you want to take. The robot has been highly successful making over a 230% return in just eighteen months. The best thing about the FireFly automated trading tool is that it is freely available to all members of out trade room to use.

In fact we are currently developing a series of automated trading tools which again will be freely available to all our trade room members. Our aim is to create a wide portfolio of  MT4 EA’s that provide forex trading signals that suit individual forex trading preference and allow consistent profits from the market irrespective of which ones you use.

Virtual Trading Assistant (VTA)

In addition to the fully automated forex signal system we have developed an automatic alert system for the individual TimeLanes trade set ups.

If monitoring a trading position to locate the best exit level is too stress-filled for you, or you don’t have the discipline to allow your profitable trades run to their intended exits, then this is for you! Simply relax. when you get a signal, do a quick visual check of the TimeLanes, then action the trade! Sit back and let FibTrader VTA take control! Obviously you can always exit any FibTrader VTA trade at your own discretion for optimum freedom

Improving Trader Discipline

The Virtual Trading Assistant takes forex day trading software, the tiger timelanes, to a completely different level! The VTA takes the day trading alerts provided by the forex signal service and manages the process of trading to the extent that you have allowed in your set up. The VTA ensures you have a constant trading partner who can keep an eye on the market 24 Hours a day, not only informing you of any high possibility trades, but once the notification is taken and the trade actioned, you can just leave it and let the VTA manage the position for you! That’s correct, the FibTrader VTA will take care of the trade for you! Apart from calculating your correct risk allocation according to your risk appetite, it will seek Dynamic Fibonacci Levels on the TimeLanes take partial profit from your trade and even exit the position!

Don’t worry, the level of control that you give the VTA is determined by you so if you want to give it complete control you can or maybe you only want to give it partial control, such as just alerts for specific strategies on specific pairs. The flexibility that the VTA offers is mind blowing and will change the way you trade.

With these three distinct delivery methods for the Forex signals service we feel we have most people covered in respect of the time they have available to trade and the type of trades that they take.

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