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Supreme Combo | Fib Matrix TimeLanes Set Ups

Supreme Combo | Fib Matrix TimeLanes Set Ups

Fib Matrix Timelanes | The Supreme Combo

The Fib Matrix TimeLanes offer a multitude of trading possibilities right through the trading day. A relatively new set up that has been developed is the Supreme Combo. It is a trade which combines key levels across the 1 min, 5 min and 15 min time frames and as a result has a very high trading success rate. This trade usually develops from a breakout of a tight range. As price retraces from the move the 1 min L7, 5 min L3 and the 15 min L1 box fall into a line as the same price point (you can allow up to 5 pip range for the set up still to be valid). The trade is taken when price reaches the Supreme Combo level and the target can either be the 1 min boxes or a set number of pips.

Live Trade Examples of Supreme Combos

You will see below that we have broughy together a series of live trade examples of the Supreme Combo set up being taken.

GBPUSD +7 2016-06-01 | Supreme Combo Trade

This is a supreme combo trade (multi time frame resistance). The 1 min R7, the 5 min R3 and the 15 min R1 are all in alignment as price tests the level. The One minute boxes are more than 12 pips below, indicating a sharp retrace from the move down. The trade worked out quickly giving a nice +7 pips.

Forex Price Action | GBPUSD +8 2016-05-26

This is a textbook Supreme Combo trade. Price has broken out to the upside and retraced back to the Supreme Combo level. This is circled in red and you will see that the 1 min S7, the 5 min S3 and the 15 min S1 are all within a couple of pips of each other and there is a gap of 10 pips back to the 1 min boxes. The trade is taken long at this level and produces a quick +8 pips

Forex Price Action | GBPUSD +6 pips 2016-02-29

Cable has moved up in early London trading to make a session high before retracing back to a block of support on the 5 min, 15 min and 1HR time frames with the 1 minute boxes over 15 pips away and the white zone had shrunk. The pattern shows the 1 min, boxes leading the 5 min boxes indicating the trend long is still strong. The trade produced +6 pips.

Forex Price Action | EURAUD +6 pips 2016-03-02

EUR/AUD moved up sharply shortly after New York open making new highs before retracing back to major multi time frame term support on the 1 min (L7), 5 min (L3) and the 15 min (L1) (Supreme Combo Level ). In addition the 1 min boxes led the 5 min boxes indicating a strong trend up remained with a 20 pip gap from price back to the 1 min boxes.




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