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Forex Scalping Strategies | 2016-05-31 GBPJPY +12

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GBPUSD +10 2016-05-31 | 5 min Trend Trade

This is a nice example of a 5 min trend trade. GBPJPY has made a session high and has retraced back to the 5 min box with the 1 min boxes 15 pips way. There are further support levels on both the 1 min and 15 min timeframes. Although unneeded in this trade there was a potential adding position 10 pips below which having the 5 min S2 and 15 min S2 was a strong position in itself. Although not visible GBPUSD was also moving up with USDJPY at support. It is always important to check the parental pairs of any cross you are trading.

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GBPUSD +10 2016-05-24 | 5 min Trend Trade

This is a vanilla 5 min trend trade on cable. This trade occurs when a pair makes a new high (or low) and price retraces back to the first 5 min box. In a vanilla trade, such as this the boxes have formed a step pattern (see the red line linking the boxes on the 1, 5 and 15min timeframes) with a 5-10 pip gap between each set of boxes. This trade was textbook with it being taken around the first five minute box and giving us +10 pips.

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EURUSD +8 pips 2016-04-21 | 5 min Trend Trade

EURUSD has mved up sharply indicated by the large gap of 18 pips between the 1 and 5 min boxesmeaning there is a strong trend up on the shorter time frames. Price has retraced to the 5 min box where the trade is entered. The trade never really goes against us and in under a minute we are out for a rapid +8 pip gain.

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#GBPUSD +6 pips 2016-04-12| 5 min Trend Trade

GBUSD 5 minute trend trade.Cable has move up and retraced back to the the 5 min box. The boxes for the 1, 5 and 15 min time frames are spread out indicating good momentum to the long side. The one cavet was that the 1 min white zone had shrunk and price in the short term can be pulled toward this. The trade took a while to play out and indeed price did dip down to touch the 1 min white zone. When taking these tend trades you have to make a judgement call with regard to the best place to enter. If we had decided to wait for the 1 min white zone, price may never have got there. We could have looked to scale in our entry (although here the white zone was too close for an add) and infact that is what Kash had intended at the 5 min white zone.Price however, didn’t go more than 4 pips against so we didn’t get the opportunity to add.

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GBP/USD Price To 1 min Levels +8 pips [2016-03-23]

Just like the previous GBP/USD trade, this is in essence a 5 min trend trade. However we are a different stage of the price cycle. The gap between the 1 min and 5 min boxes has narrowed and price is turn over. This is the third push lower after the initial low and then a trend trade. Generally, we would be watchful about taking a trade on the third movement but here price has retraced quickly tp be 20 pips from the 1 min and at a 5 min resistance. Price never stays far away from the 1 min levels for long so this provides an opportunity to short Cable especially as the longer term trend is still short.

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