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EURJPY +7 2016-07-12 | 60 min bounce trade (Using EURUSD)

Using the Fib Matrix, this is a 60 min bounce trade on EURJPY with further resistance provided by by the 5 min L7 and the 1 mins being nearly 20 pips away. The entry is determined by EURUSD which is also at strong resistance across the 5 min, 15 min and 60 min timeframes

For more details about using forex price action to scalp using the Fib Matrix TimeLanes trading software, here

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Fib Matrix Forex Strategies | 2016-06-27 EURUSD +8

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EURUSD +8 2016-06-27 | 60 min Bounce Trade

This is a good example of a 60 min Bounce trade. Price has pushed up toward the second 60 min box and is 17 pips away from the 1 min boxes. 60 min levels are by far the strongest levels, although can sometimes require room, Here the upper 60 box pushes price back toward the 1 min box for +8 pips

You can find more details about using forex price action to scalp using the Fib Matrix TimeLanes trading software, here

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GBPUSD +7 2016-06-01 | 60 min Bounce Trade

This was a 60 min bounce trade. Cable had moved up but the 60 min time frame was still in a downtrend, The 60 min R1 box had a gap of 15 pips back to 1 min level with further resistance with the 5min R7 at the same level. The trade brought +7 pips

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GBPUSD +10 2016-05-27 | 60 min Bounce Trade

The current market volatility around Brexit has seen the prevalence of trading set ups not often seen in recent years. One is the 60 min Bounce Trade which this is a textbook example. The 60 min Bounce trade usually occurs when an extended move has taken place followed by a rapid and large retracement. Here you will see the trade is taken when price reaches the R2 60 min box. In addition there are further resistance levels on both the 5 and 15 min timeframes. As you will also note the 1 minute boxes have yet to appear (more than 30 pips away) indicating the speed and extent of the retracement. This is an ideal setup as the S1 box is leading the R1 box on the 60 min timeframe meaning that the trend is still down on this timeframe.

You can find out more about using forex price action, with the forex Fib Matrix trading software, here

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GBPUSD +9 pips 2016-05-06 | 5min S7 and 60 min Bounce Trade

Cable is ranging in a fairly quiet market, indicated by the close proximity of all the levels. It has risen to near the top of the range. There are in fact multiple set ups that are triggered at this point which makes the trade so attractive. The key level is the 5min S7. The five minute time frame is trending down with the S1 leading the S2, S3 and S7. In addition price is also midway between the two 60min boxes with its time frame also trending down S1 leading the R2 and R3 .

More details regarding trading forex price action, with the forex TimeLanes trading software, can be found here

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Live Forex Trading Room Trades [Week Eleven 2016]

The TimeLanes provide numerous different trading strategies and a wealth of trading opportunities. In this selection of trades we look at we have chosen a variety of different set ups and explained the reasoning behind each trade that was taken. If you learn to understand the way that often price cycles through a variety of stages trading opportunities become much more apparent. The dynamic nature of the TimeLanes shows the various stages of the price cycle in the patterns that are formed on the grids making recognising the stage at which price is at easier.

GBPUSD +6 pips [2016-03-15]

GBPUSD +7 pips 60 min Bounce Trade

GBPUSD move down to its 60 min box which is around 14 pips from the 1 minute boxes. The R1 & 2 boxes on the 1min are crossing indicating a change in short term momentum. The boxes on the 1 min time frames are indications of stronger support or resistance and if the 1 min boxes are 15 or more pips away increasing the probability of price stalling and or retracing at the level.

EURAUD +7 pips [2016-03-15]

EURAUD +7 pips 1 min Pre-emptive Reversal

EURAUD is in a Pre-emptive reversal pattern on the 1 min time frame with the S1 and S2 crossing over and price retesting the R3. This type of trade happens after a swift move up meets substantial resistance. The trade is taken when the S1 and S2 boxes have crossed and when shorting and are below the R3

GBPUSD +8 pips [2016-03-17]

GBPUSD +8 pips 5 min Reversal Trade

GBPUSD is in a reversal pattern as it looks to retest its lows. With the 1 min boxes over 20 pips away this gives an opportunity to go long at the 5min box with supporting 1 min level. This produced +6 half and +10 on balance giving +8 average

GBPUSD +8 pips [2016-03-18]

GBPUSD +8 pips Orange To White

In this Orange to White trade GBPUSD has dropped sharply down to a 1 min level. Although the supporting level on the 1 min is 20 pips away from 1 min boxes it has an increased risk as there are no supporting levels on the other time frames thus the trade was taken with reduced risk.

The above trades represent some of the live Forex trading room trades for Week Ten of 2016. Various forex TimeLanes set ups are covered and we try to mix up the trades as much as possible to show you different types of trades and set ups taken.

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