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Fib Matrix Forex Strategies | 2016-06-27 EURUSD +8

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EURUSD +8 2016-06-27 | 60 min Bounce Trade

This is a good example of a 60 min Bounce trade. Price has pushed up toward the second 60 min box and is 17 pips away from the 1 min boxes. 60 min levels are by far the strongest levels, although can sometimes require room, Here the upper 60 box pushes price back toward the 1 min box for +8 pips

You can find more details about using forex price action to scalp using the Fib Matrix TimeLanes trading software, here

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EURUSD +8 pips 2016-04-21 | 5 min Trend Trade

EURUSD has mved up sharply indicated by the large gap of 18 pips between the 1 and 5 min boxesmeaning there is a strong trend up on the shorter time frames. Price has retraced to the 5 min box where the trade is entered. The trade never really goes against us and in under a minute we are out for a rapid +8 pip gain.

Further information about trading forex price action, using the forex TimeLanes trading software, can be found here

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Forex scalping live 2016-02

EURUSD +6 pips [2016-02-19]

EURUSD +6 pips four column resistance

Euro was trading in a range during the early London session with a nice 4 column resistance level 10 pips away from the 1 minute boxes. Shorting at the resistance brought in 6 pips.

GBPUSD +8 pips [2016-02-22]

GBPUSD +8 pips White Zone Trade

This orange to white trade took longer than would normally have been expected and usually we would have timed ourselves out of the trade after 10 minutes. However, it this instance it was kept and the position was added to and in the end produced +8 and +7 pips.

GBPUSD +6 pips [2016-02-23]

GBP/USD +6 pips 15 minute resistance

So far this year cable has been volatile. In this trade cable is recovering from losses in the Asian session and has moved back thirty pips from the one minute box . 2 band shades on the one minute and the 15 minute provide a good entry point and and cable is shorted here for 6 pips with reduced risk because of volatility.

GBP/USD +6 pips [2016-02-24]

GBPUSD +6 pips white zone shrinks

Another orange to white trade, but this time the gap back to the one minutes is just 8 pips, normally too close to take the trade. However, the 1 minute white zone has shrunk and this is a good indicator that price is likely to retrace.

GBPUSD +7 pips [2016-02-25]

GBP/USD +7 pips 15 minute trend

This is a good example of a 15 minute trend trade. After a strong move up, cable has retraced deep, finding a substantial short term support zone on the 15min time frame with help from the L7 on the 1 minute and the 5 minute level. The trade worked out for an initial 7 pip scalp with the move eventually yielding 25 pips for those that held for more than the initial scalp.

To see why this is important watch the video series on cross currency correlations. Part One Part Two & Part Three

Learn To Trade Forex. Chris’ early London session on Thursday saw an early move down on EURUSD. With an 15min L7, band shades and being over 10 pips back from the 1 minute boxes Chris saw it as an opportunity to go long. He was rewarded with +7 pips.

Forex live trading room [Forex Trading in 30 seconds] 2015-09-10 EURUSD +7 pips

Below, the 2015-09-10 EURUSD trade condensed into 30 seconds.

Forex Signals [2015 09 03 EURUSD +7 pips] Forex Trading Room

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Forex Signals: Thursdays ECB rate decision and press conference saw plenty of trading opportunities. The EURUSD fell sharply on Draghi’s doveish tone. Kash saw an opportunity for a reversal as he felt EURUSd had been oversold and took an orange to white for +7 pips

Forex Signals [Forex Trading in 30 seconds] 2015-09-03 EURUSD +7 pips

Below, the 2015-09-3 EURUSD trade condensed into 30 seconds.

Kash’s Monday New York session was genuinely quiet but saw him take an extended reversal on #EURUSD. Intially going against him he managed the position with an add and took a nett +8 pips

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[Forex Trading in 30 seconds] 2015-08-17 EURUSD +8

Below, the 2015-08-17 EURUSD condensed into 30 seconds.

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