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GBPJPY +8 2016-05-19 | 1 min Inside Bounce

This is a 1 min Inside Bounce trade, a rare trade that generally needs very specific circumstances. An inside bounce trade on any time frame is where the trade is taken from the second box (R/S 2 box) and traded back to the first box (R/S 1 box). The R/S 3 usually acts as the stop. In this case the move had stretched out the boxes and levels to such an extent that only the 1 min boxes and S3 were showing. In this trade, entry was made at the S2 box with the target of the R1 box. The stop though would not have been the S3 as this would have been too far away. In any event the trade worked out nicely for +8 pips.

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GBPJPY+10 pips 2016-04-25 | Orange to White

This is an Orange to White trade on GBPJPY. GBPJPY is moving up quickly and has reached a two column resistance on the 1 and 5 min levels, 24 pips from the 1 min boxes. The trade works efficiently bringing +10 pips.

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GBPJPY +10 pips 2016-03-31 | Orange to White Trade

This is a straightforward orange to white trade but in this case on the cross, GBP/JPY. On this trade price has moved down so rapidly that the 1 min it boxes are not even on the chart, There is good longer term support on the 15 min and 1HR time frames in addition GBP/USD is at support. The trade works out nicely for +10 pips.

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Forex Live Trade Room 2015-03-11 +7 and +23 GBPJPY

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Wednesday’s New York session proved to be a great session for Kash. Almost immediately he came on mic he was able to take, using the Tiger Time Lanes an orange to white trade on GBPJPY. Price has move over 25 pips from the 1 minute disc and Kash entered just below the supporting band shade. The trade quickly gave him +7 on half his position and +23 on the second half.

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