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Today’s London session saw EURUSD make an assault on the 1.10 level, moving up 60 pips quickly. 1.10 proved to hold strong resistance but the strength of the move indicated to Paul that another attempt might be made. He waited for price to retrace to the L3 disk and edge of the White Zone as EURUSD had made a new high. When price hit the L3, Paul jumped into the EURUSD long. He planned his trade so he had room to add lower down but this didn’t prove necessary with the trade Yielding +6 ang +12 on the remaining part.

It is another good example of how accurate the Tiger Time Lanes forex software can be in being able to pin point entries. It was a great example of an L3 edge of the white zone trade.

Monday’s New York session proved to be quite volatile. One interesting trade that Kash took was a EURUSD short. EURUSD had moved up over 160 from its Asian low way beyond the average daily range. Kash noted that after a high and a retracement a new high failed to be made and took this as a signal that the move could be stalling so decided to short the pair. The trade was very effective with +6 and +14 on the second part of the trade being taken. This ia a particularly good example of how indicators such as Average Daily Range and the Tiger Time Lanes can be used in conjunction with each other to create a very powerful trading signals.

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