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USDJPY +8 pips 2016-05-03 | Orange to White / Tripod

USDJPY has broken to the downside. On the surface this is a balanced call in terms of probability in that, although 17 pips from the 1 min boxes we only have the 1 min support band shade. However, this is also a Tripod set up. This is defined when the R1 1 min box and R2 1 HR box are lined up with the 5 min boxes (as in this case) well above this level creating a inverted V pattern. Admittedly price has move away from the levels, the usual ideal entry for Tripods, but they tend to have a strong pull. In this case the trade produced a net +8

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GBPUSD +10 pips 2016-04-26 | Orange To White

This is a Orange to White trade on GBPUSD. Here, GBPUSD has moved very sharply to the long side. So fast is the move that the 1min boxes have not even appeared yet. This means price is over 25 pips away from the 1 min boxes. The key to this trade lies though with GBPJPY. For those that understand how the pairs interact GBPJPY is also moving long fast but it has hit a cluster of resistance on the 1 and 15min time frames; note the deep orange shade on the 1 min time frame which signifies it is overbought. We use this as a trigger for going short on GBPUSD which yields +10 pips.

More information on how to use crosses to help determine trade entries can be found here:

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GBPJPY+10 pips 2016-04-25 | Orange to White

This is an Orange to White trade on GBPJPY. GBPJPY is moving up quickly and has reached a two column resistance on the 1 and 5 min levels, 24 pips from the 1 min boxes. The trade works efficiently bringing +10 pips.

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EGBPUSD +6 pips 2016-04-20 | Counter Trend Trade

This is a counter trend trade on GBPUSD. 1 min boxes over 23 pips away from the 5 min bandshade at 4309. Note the deep orange of the time frame below the five minute support. This, together with the larger than normal distance back to the 1 minute boxes suggests that price is considerably over extended. With further support levels, at 4303 and below figure at 4297, there is also a second line of defence for the level. In fact the 5 min level holds well and +6 pips are quickly scalped.

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EURAUD +7 pips 2016-04-06 | Orange to White

This is an Orange to White trade. EUR/AUD has broken out to the downside and has reached a staggered support level across all four time frames. The initial entry is a little premature but there is an add opportunity at the support on the 60 min time frame which allows Kash to mark a couple of pips on the first entry and +7 on the add.

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GBPUSD +6 pips 2016-04-04 | Orange to White Trade

GBP/USD Orange to white. Break out the upside on cable, 1, 5 and 5min boxes all grouped together. Price hits resistance in 1 and 15min time frames, 13 pips from the 1 min boxes. Although the trade turns out to be slow it eventually yields +6 pips without, at any point, going very much against our entry

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GBPJPY +10 pips 2016-03-31 | Orange to White Trade

This is a straightforward orange to white trade but in this case on the cross, GBP/JPY. On this trade price has moved down so rapidly that the 1 min it boxes are not even on the chart, There is good longer term support on the 15 min and 1HR time frames in addition GBP/USD is at support. The trade works out nicely for +10 pips.

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Live Forex Trading Room Trades [Week Eleven 2016]

The TimeLanes provide numerous different trading strategies and a wealth of trading opportunities. In this selection of trades we look at we have chosen a variety of different set ups and explained the reasoning behind each trade that was taken. If you learn to understand the way that often price cycles through a variety of stages trading opportunities become much more apparent. The dynamic nature of the TimeLanes shows the various stages of the price cycle in the patterns that are formed on the grids making recognising the stage at which price is at easier.

GBPUSD +6 pips [2016-03-15]

GBPUSD +7 pips 60 min Bounce Trade

GBPUSD move down to its 60 min box which is around 14 pips from the 1 minute boxes. The R1 & 2 boxes on the 1min are crossing indicating a change in short term momentum. The boxes on the 1 min time frames are indications of stronger support or resistance and if the 1 min boxes are 15 or more pips away increasing the probability of price stalling and or retracing at the level.

EURAUD +7 pips [2016-03-15]

EURAUD +7 pips 1 min Pre-emptive Reversal

EURAUD is in a Pre-emptive reversal pattern on the 1 min time frame with the S1 and S2 crossing over and price retesting the R3. This type of trade happens after a swift move up meets substantial resistance. The trade is taken when the S1 and S2 boxes have crossed and when shorting and are below the R3

GBPUSD +8 pips [2016-03-17]

GBPUSD +8 pips 5 min Reversal Trade

GBPUSD is in a reversal pattern as it looks to retest its lows. With the 1 min boxes over 20 pips away this gives an opportunity to go long at the 5min box with supporting 1 min level. This produced +6 half and +10 on balance giving +8 average

GBPUSD +8 pips [2016-03-18]

GBPUSD +8 pips Orange To White

In this Orange to White trade GBPUSD has dropped sharply down to a 1 min level. Although the supporting level on the 1 min is 20 pips away from 1 min boxes it has an increased risk as there are no supporting levels on the other time frames thus the trade was taken with reduced risk.

The above trades represent some of the live Forex trading room trades for Week Ten of 2016. Various forex TimeLanes set ups are covered and we try to mix up the trades as much as possible to show you different types of trades and set ups taken.

Forex scalping live 2016-02

EURUSD +6 pips [2016-02-19]

EURUSD +6 pips four column resistance

Euro was trading in a range during the early London session with a nice 4 column resistance level 10 pips away from the 1 minute boxes. Shorting at the resistance brought in 6 pips.

GBPUSD +8 pips [2016-02-22]

GBPUSD +8 pips White Zone Trade

This orange to white trade took longer than would normally have been expected and usually we would have timed ourselves out of the trade after 10 minutes. However, it this instance it was kept and the position was added to and in the end produced +8 and +7 pips.

GBPUSD +6 pips [2016-02-23]

GBP/USD +6 pips 15 minute resistance

So far this year cable has been volatile. In this trade cable is recovering from losses in the Asian session and has moved back thirty pips from the one minute box . 2 band shades on the one minute and the 15 minute provide a good entry point and and cable is shorted here for 6 pips with reduced risk because of volatility.

GBP/USD +6 pips [2016-02-24]

GBPUSD +6 pips white zone shrinks

Another orange to white trade, but this time the gap back to the one minutes is just 8 pips, normally too close to take the trade. However, the 1 minute white zone has shrunk and this is a good indicator that price is likely to retrace.

GBPUSD +7 pips [2016-02-25]

GBP/USD +7 pips 15 minute trend

This is a good example of a 15 minute trend trade. After a strong move up, cable has retraced deep, finding a substantial short term support zone on the 15min time frame with help from the L7 on the 1 minute and the 5 minute level. The trade worked out for an initial 7 pip scalp with the move eventually yielding 25 pips for those that held for more than the initial scalp.

To see why this is important watch the video series on cross currency correlations. Part One Part Two & Part Three

Forex Live Trading [2015-09-11 GBPUSD +8]

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Forex Live Trading. Friday’s London session got off to a brisk start. GBPUSD began falling prior to news and Paul was concerned about going into a trade just before news. However he noticed that not only was there two band shades but also the Daily Pivot. With a tight stop he went long and was rewarded with +8 pips in double quick time.

Forex Live Trading [Forex Trading in 30 seconds] 2015-09-11 GBPUSD +8 pips

Below, the 2015-09-10 GBPUSD trade condensed into 30 seconds.

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