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Forex Scalping Strategies | 2016-06-13 EURJPY +7

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EURJPY +7 2016-06-13 | 15min Tripod Trade

This is an example on EURJPY’s of a 15 minute tripod set up. This can be see by looking at 15 pip distance from the 1 min boxes back to the 5 min boxes and the fact that the 15min L2 box is in line with the 1 min box This creates a distinct ‘V’ pattern if you drew a line from the lead 1 min box, to the lower 5 min box through to the upper 15min box.

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USDJPY +8 pips 2016-05-03 | Orange to White / Tripod

USDJPY has broken to the downside. On the surface this is a balanced call in terms of probability in that, although 17 pips from the 1 min boxes we only have the 1 min support band shade. However, this is also a Tripod set up. This is defined when the R1 1 min box and R2 1 HR box are lined up with the 5 min boxes (as in this case) well above this level creating a inverted V pattern. Admittedly price has move away from the levels, the usual ideal entry for Tripods, but they tend to have a strong pull. In this case the trade produced a net +8

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